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Who we are

The Centro Ecuatoriano de Derecho Ambiental –CEDA (Ecuadorian Center for Environmental Law) is a nonprofit organization established in May 1996 by a group of young lawyers and professionals that identified the need to disseminate information and knowledge about environmental law in Ecuador so as to improve its application and enforcement.

Fifteen years have passed since then and currently CEDA has a broader and more specialized team that is still working to provide legal, economic and technical instruments to aid in the formation and implementation of environmental legal structures.   CEDA also promotes public participation processes that aim to protect collective rights and strengthen institutions as a means to achieve sustainable development.

The work during these last fifteen years has been demanding and challenging. In its first decade, CEDA has contributed to the formation of Ecuadorian environmental law and has been part of policy-making processes. CEDA has provided counseling services, carried out studies, workshops and publications. CEDA has also designed and carried out several training events in environmental law at various universities and public and private institutions in Ecuador and abroad.

Mission & Vision


We encourage processes aimed at changing attitudes and practices of decision makers and social leaders to address the environmental problems through an innovative, comprehensive and technical approach via capacity building, public policy research and creation of environmental legislation


To be the leading Ecuadorian organization at both the national and international levels promoting and implementing policies, environmental law and other tools to achieve sustainable development.

Objetives & Values


  • Disseminate and promote the principles and contents of Environmental Law and Sustainable Development.
  • Contribute to the development of social awareness of the environment.
  • Contribute to the transformation of existing social structures so that environmental rights are put into practice.
  • Contribute to the process of generating discussions of environmental issues and citizen participation.


  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Respect

Our people

Our team is conformed by a group of professionals specialized in different  areas that are responsible for developing projects and initiatives on environmental issues. Additionally, we have a Board of Directors with high professional profile, committed to the conservation and sustainable development, contributing with their expertise and knowledge in the development of the tasks that the organization has undertaken.

Board of directors

  • María Amparo Albán, Chair of the Board
  • Jaime Zaldumbide
  • Ruth Hidalgo
  • Iñigo Salvador
  • Ricardo Crespo P.
  • René Bedón
  • Alfredo Larrea
  • Vicente Pólit
  • Grace Jaramillo


  • Gabriela Muñoz, Executive Director
  • Daniel Barragán, Projects Director
  • María Fernanda Rivas, Administrative Financial Director
  • Lucía Valdivieso, Chief of Research
  • María Eugenia Hidalgo, Communications Coordinator
  • Sofía Suárez, Legal Advisor
  • Hugo Echeverría, Associate
  • Miguel Castro, Associate
  • Elisa Arteaga, Project Assistant
  • Jenny Pérez, Accounting Assistant
  • Ximena Yandún, Receptionist
  • Rodrigo Villacís, Administrative Assistant

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Supporting our actions in the most current information and based on reality to enhance our capacity for analysis and response, we formed an interdisciplinary research area with a holistic approach.

In addition to research, we will carry out current analysis and proposals relating to economic, social and environmental most critical issues to Ecuador and the region, in the framework of institutional programs.

This area will allow us to cast in the region as a research- action center on the policies and economic, social and environmental reality and its effects on sustainable development to generate input and proposals for making responsible decisions.

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